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our milan san remo


milan san remo on saturday night
the 300km classic is decided by the last 2 climbs
the cipressa and the poggio
then the descent off the poggio
and the long sprint into san remo

we had our own milan san remo on sunday morning
terradomari kakuda!

two climbs
two descents
and a long drag sprint finish

7 riders start at family mart in teradomari

out of town
YMD and BAN do long fast pulls

the little steep kicker climb
don’t want to get dropped here
move from the back to the front
set the pace like Jumbo Visma
first time to climb this in the big ring in a long time!

the descent and flat is always fast
from the entrance to yahiko skyline
it’s game on

into the first climb
OKB attacks! he always attacks!
out of the saddle like Pogacar!

I try to close it
getting closer
he looks to be fading
but out of the saddle
he kicks again

BAN like Van Aert
smells the danger
a power climber
on an 8% grade he can bridge

I lock onto a steady effort

ST and DAYAMA pass
“he’s too fast!” says DAYAMA
I can only nod to agree

I pace DT and HSG up to the tunnel
the climb continues in the tunnel
but the gradient eases

drop the gears one by one
sounds great in the tunnel!
eyes locked on the tail lights of YMD and ST

bridge to them
some microrecovery on the back

out of the tunnel it continues to climb
sit on
the waiting game

the 2nd tunnel is a downhill
onto the front
drill it in the 52/11

closing in on BAN and OKB
after his turn on the front
BAN looks back before the switchbacks

he sees us closing in
he has the race craft

the gap reopens a little
but I want to ride over the top of them just before the road rises again

the timing is perfect
fly past them
flick the elbow
a little delay
but then DAYAMA is off the front for the rise

BAN AERT is onto him though
ever alert

OKB tries to close the gap
I sit on
then help him to close it

5 riders together again
the pace drops
we catch our breath

the 2nd climb is approaching
up to the lighthouse
DAYAMA on the front
me 2nd wheel

as DAYAMA fades
I move to the front
hoping for a tailwind like on the Poggio
I go hard

more of a sidewind
430W / 29.5km isn’t enough to hold them off

BAN, OKB, ST come past before the top

the descent into Kakuda is less technical
better still a van jumps into the gap
a chance to rest and draft

as the road widens
I use the van to slingshot onto the back of the 3 man breakaway
a sneaky move

before the sprint finish
the road kicks up

OKB Pogacar fades
I slip into 3rd wheel

BAN does a long leadout for ST
with 300m to go

I try to follow him
21 yo Vs. 47 yo!
he’s too fast!

regroup at the vending machine
and ride on!

niigata chaingang!
lucky to have such great guys to ride with!








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