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new imezi road wheels

For 3 years Team IMEZI focused on gravel and cyclocross. This year we will start road racing in May.

Captain TNG and Kakeru will do the TofF stage race in Thailand.

I will start the 300km Tokyo-Itoigawa after a long absence.

TNG’s machine is pictured above.

We will ride Imezi 40mm carbon rim brake wheels.


I set mine up today.

First find tubeless valves of good length. The orange bolt is an “American Classic” which I find to be the best.

Some washing liquid to ease the tyre onto the rim.

Theses are 25mm IRC. Xguard protection is a good choice for cross Japan.

I would prefer the 28mm tyre but my old Lynskey geometry won’t allow…


It’s best to get the tyre on by hand. If you do use levers, these IRC are the best.

If you don’t have a compressor, this tyre booster is a good alternative.

Fill the canister to 6 bar. Release air into the wheel and wait for the “pop”.

60ml of Imezi Fiber type sealant.


The 9 o’clock trick.

The washing liquid comes in handy again to check the seal at the rim.

Leave a while to make sure the air holds.

Imezi skewers for extra bling.

A spray of silicon is good for anywhere that metal locks on metal.

New rims deserve new pads.

I first realized the quality of these when descending at 90kph in the rain at the 2016 UCI Niseko Classic!



I’ll carry some tubes as emergency spares. Baby powder and a sealed zip lock bag add protection in the saddle bag.

Ready to roll!

The first test is tomorrow’s chaingang!

Here we go!

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