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the specificity of training

I always say the most important thing in training is specificity
time trial japan, fuji speedway

time trial japan, fuji speedway

training for TTs, I would take each race one at a time.
make a practice course that mimics the real course
・ distance / time
・ profile
・ wind conditions
・ road surface

japan masters TT practice course

practice, practice, practice!
the same is true for gravel racing
my big target is SDA Otaki
・ off road
steep climbs / difficult descents
・ 100km
・ 3,000m climbing
so I built a course to replicate it

courses like this will help me to get what I need for Otaki
, stamina
, climbing legs
, technique
, pacing & fueling
, on the go bike maintenance


the evolution of a cyclist!