167GRV test ride / SDA100 training





167grv rear

at last!
I got to give the Imezi 167grv wheels a test ride!

my main aim this year is SDA Otaki

100km off road / 3,000m climbing

so I rode a course to simulate that

today’s course

・my condition

yesterday I did Noguchi san’s home strength training menu

today I woke up with heavy legs, heavy arms and a stiff core

still I’m motivated!

・demands of the course

Otaki is characterized by steep climbs and descents

and big rocks

usually I go with 2.4 bar
but Noguchi san recommends 3 bar

a little less grip
but more puncture protection

for SDA Otaki
it’s all about puncture protection

2 flats on the last 2 rides
2 different wheels with broken spokes too

・how to win the race?

on a mountain offroad course
it’s not rocket science!
climb faster!
descend faster!


the rough stuff

・climbing faster

the obvious way to climb faster is to be lighter

240g of sealant
tyre inserts
950g saddle bag

light wheels can make a difference

1,200g for the pair

I feel like I have an extra gear today

particularly on the steep kicks of “the power climb” and “the snake”

I want to go back with fresh legs
and really push it on these climbs

always a sucker for a cold water spring

・descending faster

descending faster is a combination of skill and confidence and avoiding punctures

with no suspension on the bike

anything that can absorb the impact is important

>fat tyres
>tyre inserts
>strong rims

I waited till the last descent of the day
“the wild boar rindo”
to really let go

loose gravel
high speed!

punctured here so many times

but I have extra cushion today

descending with confidence

the wheels came through today’s ride with no issues

little by little
I want to push the wheels hard on the descents too

find the wheels limit
and my limit!

here we go!

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