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a brief history of bikes

raleigh poppy

My first bike! A hand me down from my sister! It’s not a girl’s bike! It’s unisex!


raleigh grifter

It all starts here! A strong bike with 3 gears! Lot’s of adventures on this bike. It opened up my world!
これからです!ギアがあるの丈夫なGRIFTER! このバイクで色々なアドベンチャーに行って、世界が広くなりました!

raleigh BMX mag burner

A Christmas present aged 10. A rare white Christmas. I remember watching ET in the living room, one hand on the radiator, pedaling backwards! The world before Zwift!

10歳のクリスマスプレゼントです!何とかwhite christmasになって外乗りできませんでした。テレビの前に、ペダルが後ろ回りながらETを見て思い出があります!ZWIFT DEBUT!

raleigh MTB

The BMX world made way for MTBs. On this bike with a map and sandwiches I started my love of long rides.

diamondback MTB
diamondback MTB

The summer before coming to Japan I toured northern France with a friend. On a diet of biere et baguette!
日本に来る前にDIAMOND BACKで友達とフランスにツーリングしました。フランスのビールがうまいぞ!

kalavinka steelクロモリ自転車
kalavinka steel

I arrived in Japan in 2001 and this steel road bike was waiting for me. With no car, this bike allowed me to explore the splendor of the Niigata countryside.

vitus alios pro aluminium
vitus alios pro       aluminium

Back in the UK for the summer holidays I picked up this frame. I had it built up in Japan. My first serious road bike. So many wonderful memories on this bike!

PF carbon自転車
PF carbon

Bicycles entered the carbon age. This frame was light but it didn’t take long to crack. The replacement cracked too. Time for something different…

lynskey titanium

From steel to aluminium to carbon to titanium. Light, strong and beautiful to boot! A wonderful bike!
STEEL > ALUMINIUM > CARBON >やっぱり! TITANIUM! 丈夫!軽い!美しい! チタンは最高です!

Trek Speed Concept

A dream bike! If you have the engine, this bike will take you places! A game changer!

Colnago World Cup

A CX and gravel machine. Thanks to this bike I have more motivation than ever. How far can I take it? I’ll do my best!