dirty epic

the imezi duo!


「dirty epic」

today’s ride was another SDA
self discovery adventure

the usual weekend off road ride

135km, 3500m climbing

the weather forecast promised cloudy weather

but it rained from start to finish

so glad I brought a gillette and arm warmers

as usual joined by captain noguchi

we enjoy the first gravel rindo

on the descent
the gravel turns to concrete with patches of moss

「be careful」I urge him
and remind myself too

I’m going as slow as possible
but the rear tyre is slipping out on the first curve

on the second curve I have to decide whether to course out
or try to save it

I try to save it
and slip out onto my right

not a big crash
but the damage is more on rough roads

the ride has only just started

find a hose
clean the damage to the arm and leg

the arm looks like stitches will be necessary

for the time being we can try to cover it up

find the nearest house

old lady mrs. maruyama gives us some cling film

wrap up the arm and leg

luckily the damaged area can be covered by shorts and arm warmers

ride on!

glad of a climb to warm us up

rolling gravel is no problem

but really cautious on the descents

constant braking is wearing down the pads

new only last week

we stop several times to tighten up the brakes

raining all the way

several climbs
several descents

the beautiful panorama of mt. ogami dake

covered in dense mist

adjust the brakes again
there’s not much pad left

the last gravel of the day
the rocky komura rindo

noguchi san is fast over the climb

I follow him over the top


both brakes are dead

I go hurtling past noguchi san

he’s never seen that before

on a collision course

the speed gets faster

the rocks get bigger

no lines to follow

I course out on a curve

through the trees

the rocks are bigger here

rip a hole in the new rear tyre

but no means to stop

shit this is scary

somehow make it to the bottom of the rindo

somehow fix the tyre

120ml Imezi sealant and the fattest samurai sword around

roll home

straight in the shower in my helmet and sidis

at the hospital now waiting to be stitched

nothing serious but I need to be more careful in the future

ride on!

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