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imeZi athlete intro – imeZi選手紹介 tsm_kskn

My name is Tuomas, a Finn who lived in Asia for more than a decade. I first discovered cycling in South Korea, where I rode across the country and was completely hooked in the adventure.


(Participating in my first race in Japan, November 2015 – 日本で初レース前、201510)

Fast forward a few years when I purchased my first proper road bike in Japan and became a cyclist. Throughout the years, I have participated in various cycling events in Japan and for example Taiwan KOM.


Taiwan KOM 台湾KOM大会中

I have raced with various imeZi wheels, tested new products, and been a quinoa pig throughout the years. The biggest feat was in 2016, where I cycled half across Japan with zero punctures and or mechanical issues using a new imeZi road-tubeless set-up. 


For the past years, I have ridden on average approximately 15,000km annually, which gives a good idea of my obsession to ride.  I ride mostly road, but currently are venturing more towards gravel and long ultra-endurance cycling in Europe, where I hope to test the limits of imeZi wheels and products!


I am also writing in more detail about my training in my training diary. Please feel to follow my journey there or on social media! トレーニング日記も書いてありますので、ご興味あれば是非フォロー下さい!

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