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フィンランドのグラベル – Finnish Gravel





Compared to Japan, Finnish roads are quite rough. There is plenty of surface damage due to frost damage. Potholes are also plentiful. After a few rides I changed wheels to imeZi GRV and it was smooth sailing ever since. 

On the other hand, the Finnish gravel is smooth. It is mostly sand roads with some loose sand on top. There are also many parks with forest paths that are waiting to get explored. 

My first adventure with the new wheel set was to visit my fathers summer cottage. There was pavement, dirt roads, forest paths with gnarly tree roots. Whatever the roads threw at me, the wheels cleared with ease. I hit a few holes pretty hard with no issues whatsoever.

Also, I was surprised that even on pavement I was able to keep high average speeds due to the optimized fit for wider tires. With this added confidence, I am planning new more adventurous trips in the near future.

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