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akagi 3h offroad enduro race report

I went to akagi on sunday my first experience of an offroad enduro ☆the course a 3km loop half up, half down, no flat forest trails gravel grass and single track. I’m aiming for ※15 laps ※40km ※1,300m up ☆the course condition the course is dry but it will get a bit muddy in places as the race progresses there are a few roots to avoid this is why the course reconnaisance is so important = a walk in and 3 bike laps before the race the craftsman testing his wheels! ☆the bike set up the bike is stripped down berd spoke wheels make it as light as possible I… Read More »akagi 3h offroad enduro race report

introducing berd spokes

I rode berd spokes for the first time today lighter and stronger than steel spokes? how can this be possible? 今日初めてバードスポークに乗りました スチールスポークよりも軽くて強い? 何で!? https://www.gsastuto.com/berdpolylite.html niseko champion Tazaki san loves these wheels ニセコチャンピオンの田崎さんはこのホイールが大好きです https://note.com/alavasky/ but how do these wheels roll for a heavy rider? 79kg / 375W FTP でもこのホイールはヘビーライダーにとって どうになるだろう? 79kg / 375W FTPだよ! yesterday I set up the wheels 昨日はホイールのセットアップしました ☆Imezi GRV 167 rim ☆DT Swiss 240 hub ☆Berd Spokes and added そして ☆Panaracer Gravel King SK 43mm tyres ☆Imezi fiber type sealant (100ml) ☆shimano ice rotors (160mm) easy to set up ready to roll セットアップが簡単 ライドオンへ! today to the kakuda trail a technical course a mix of sand and… Read More »introducing berd spokes