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niigata allstars

two group rides this weekend
on saturday morning I’m joined by Gen and Tomendish

Gen – 15 years old! First group ride!
Tomendish – All Japan Track 2nd! Bodybuilder! Audax master!

We teach Gen the basics!
☆get closer to the wheel
☆the sprint to get back on!

we meet the guys in teradomari
7 riders
another milan san remo!
again I can get over the poggio
Ban leads out the sprint
but I can’t match the Ace

an energy charge before stage 2

it’s my turn to lead out Ban and the Ace at Nozomi (48kph!)
and then Yoita

☆3 big efforts

back on the coast
Gen isn’t fading
his dad is younger than me!
170km for the day!

on sunday morning I’m joined by Dayama

we cut the wind to teradomari
mt. yahiko on the horizon

today there are 18 riders!

we pick teams like at school

3 groups on the road

before hitting mt. yahiko!
it’s supposed to be SST
my legs are dead anyway…

the most retro bike is mine
imezi 50mm wheels for the win!
not really!

Dayama GENKI!

DATE 54!

Moe 「If I stop, I’ll die!」

perfect weather at the top

choose your ride!

on the way home I meet living legend
mr. hillclimb
murayama san

so much riding recently
I’ve worn out these IRC xguard in a month!
the sealant saves the day!

all that’s left is beer!
lazing on a sunny afternoon
the cherry blossom should be in bloom next weekend…


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