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IMEZI Sanjo Group Ride

Imezi group ride today. To Sanjo at dawn.

Sanjo, the home of May’s Rapha Prestige is deep in icy mist.

First to the meeting point. I go to the toilet only to return to find two drunks in my car!

Get the bike out of the car! Flat tyre! Valve issue? I change valves. I always have tyre problems in Sanjo!

Six Imezi riders at the start.

First the haunted tunnel!

Long, dark, scary, slippery, banging my head on the ceiling… should’ve brought lights!

The sun breaks through on the other side.

But the tyre is losing air. Encourage some sealant into the valve area. As if by magic it seals and will hold for the entire ride.

Get your sealant on Amazon! or here

A dead end. But as always with the Captain, “where there is a will there is a way!”

Advertising space available! Asphalt! A chance to put the hammer down. 40 to 45kph.

These tyres are amazing. Grippy on the gravel. They look like knobbies. But with the central strip, they are so fast on asphalt.

Snow Peak is the Rapha Prestige HQ. The Niigata CX CHAMPION! Resplendent in his Imezi jersey!

The last big climb on great gravel.

The view from the top is worth it!

Ito san is flying today.

He is on 650B Rindo wheels.


Get yours here!


Another great ride.

Ito san will be doing lots of Imezi Sanjo group rides this year.

Watch this space!

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