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Introducing the Team!

Team Imezi will enter two ultracycling events this summer. The Alps (160km, 3,500m up) and The Peaks (200km, 5,000m up)

Here is the team roster:

Alps (July)
1. Noguchi
2. Ito
3. Tazaki
4. Gen
5. Andy

Peaks (August)
1. Noguchi
2. Ito
3. Gen
4. Andy

Introducing the Team!

1. Both events are lead by Team Captain Noguchi. A category 1 CX racer and MTB specialist. He loves a hard challenge. The longer the distance, the more climbing, the rougher the road… the better! He is also the survival expert on the team. Crashes and mechanicals are part of the game…

2. Ito chan is the mood maker. Before and after the race, he is the social magnet. During the race too, his positivity and humor can make even the hardest race enjoyable…

3. Tazaki san is the undisputed ace of the team. He can win any race if he puts his mind to it. His attention to detail in terms of equipment and training is second to none. And then there is the ability to suffer and go harder than the competition…


4. Gen is the future. The young guy on the team. Already one of the strongest. He has the potential to go far. It’s the job of the senior members to show him how to train well but also enjoy the ride…

5. Despite being the most handsome, I am the oldest member of the team! 23 years living in Japan, I’ve ridden my bike almost every day. Meeting these guys at various stages of this long journey is a big reason why I still enjoy it.

These summer races will be some of the hardest I’ve ever done. But they will also be some of the most enjoyable…



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