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Introducing the Team!

Team Imezi will enter two ultracycling events this summer. The Alps (160km, 3,500m up) and The Peaks (200km, 5,000m up) Here is the team roster: Alps (July) 1. Noguchi 2. Ito 3. Tazaki 4. Gen 5. Andy Peaks (August) 1. Noguchi 2. Ito 3. Gen 4. Andy Introducing the Team! 1. Both events are lead by Team Captain Noguchi. A category 1 CX racer and MTB specialist. He loves a hard challenge. The longer the distance, the more climbing, the rougher the road… the better! He is also the survival expert on the team. Crashes and mechanicals are part of the game… 2. Ito chan is the mood maker. Before… Read More »Introducing the Team!