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new imezi road wheels

For 3 years Team IMEZI focused on gravel and cyclocross. This year we will start road racing in May. Captain TNG and Kakeru will do the TofF stage race in Thailand. I will start the 300km Tokyo-Itoigawa after a long absence. TNG’s machine is pictured above. We will ride Imezi 40mm carbon rim brake wheels. https://amzn.asia/d/030fCUY I set mine up today. First find tubeless valves of good length. The orange bolt is an “American Classic” which I find to be the best. Some washing liquid to ease the tyre onto the rim. Theses are 25mm IRC. Xguard protection is a good choice for cross Japan. I would prefer the 28mm… Read More »new imezi road wheels

Hakuba Gravel Fest race report

Event Name and Date: Hakuba Gravel Fest Weather: perfect cycling weather at 1,000m elevation, fill the lungs with oxygen! Course condition : mixed terrain, gravel, tarmac, and mtb downhill ROSTER & EQUIPMENT #1 Team IMEZI Racer’s name signed up: TNG, MOTOKING, ANDY (210km), ISAO (65km) How do you feel before the race? Another busy week. Meetings, drinks, late nights… Equipment used by #1 IMEZI Racer bike: VITUS Substance aluminium gearing: single 40 x 42/11 wheels: Imezi GRV tires: BOKEN DoubleCross 42mm tire pressure: 1.6bar front, 1.8 bar rear Results: Day 1 5th, Day 2 DNF RACE INSIGHT First Itoigawa! The home of 9 Tokyo~Itoigawa victories. Need to go for no.10!… Read More »Hakuba Gravel Fest race report

Rapha Prestige Team IMEZI A team race report

Event Name and Date: Rapha Prestige Sanjo WEATHER & COURSE CONDITION ☆Weather: perfect Niigata spring weather ☆Course condition: 120km, 2,500m up, 30% gravel The usual weekend group ride for Team Imezi! ROSTER & EQUIPMENT #1 Team IMEZI A Racer’s name signed up from left to right: 1. Face, the charmer (Ito) 2. Hannibal, the leader (TNG) 3. Murdock, the joker (Andy) 4. BA Baracus, the strong man (Tzaki) ☆How do you feel before the race? A stressful week doing paperwork. Late nights. Skipped meals. Beer. Sake. Worst condition since Shiori Hillclimb when my first son was born 13 years ago!?!? ☆Equipment used by #1 IMEZI Racer ※bike: Vitus Substance Aluminum… Read More »Rapha Prestige Team IMEZI A team race report


Event Name and Date: AKAGI 4h Offroad Enduro WEATHER & COURSE CONDITION ☆Weather: misty into sunshine ☆Course condition before the race: wet ☆Course condition during the race: muddy ☆Course condition after the race: very muddy! ROSTER & EQUIPMENT #1 Team IMEZI Racer’s name signed up: 1. Kakeru 2. Andy ☆How do you feel before the race? Excited to race. First race of the season. Fresh after drinking with friends on Friday night and a rest day on Saturday. ☆Equipment used by #1 IMEZI Racer ※bike: Vitus Substance Aluminum gravel bike ※gearing: Sram Apex gearing and hydraulic disc breaks, Sensah rear derailleur with SRAM pulleys, Shimano XTR 40T chain ring, 11/42… Read More »AKAGI 4H OFFROAD RACE REPORT

Golden Week Gravel Rides

This Golden Week, Team IMEZI are organizing 6 guided gravel rides. 3 rides in Sanjo with Ito san. 3 rides in Kashiwazaki with Andy. ☆1 April 29 Sanjo ☆2 April 30 Kashiwazaki ☆3 May 3 Kashiwazaki ☆4 May 4 Sanjo ☆5 May 7 Kashiwazaki ☆6 May 8 Sanjo Ride 1 saw 10 riders hit the gravel in Sanjo. This is the home to Rapha Prestige in May. Ito san has good form recently. He is on Imezi Rindo wheels. Relive the ride here: Saturday was ride 2! Ride 2 featured top Japanese CX racers! Kakeru still has his ASTUTO  CX wheels on his bike. The dark clouds shifted for sunshine!… Read More »Golden Week Gravel Rides

IMEZI Sanjo Group Ride

Imezi group ride today. To Sanjo at dawn. Sanjo, the home of May’s Rapha Prestige is deep in icy mist. First to the meeting point. I go to the toilet only to return to find two drunks in my car! Get the bike out of the car! Flat tyre! Valve issue? I change valves. I always have tyre problems in Sanjo! Six Imezi riders at the start. First the haunted tunnel! Long, dark, scary, slippery, banging my head on the ceiling… should’ve brought lights! The sun breaks through on the other side. But the tyre is losing air. Encourage some sealant into the valve area. As if by magic it… Read More »IMEZI Sanjo Group Ride